Seller: Phillip Allen Humphries
State: Virginia
City: Fairfax
Zip code: 22031
Type: Books

Watch for the gritty new martial arts fantasy thriller "Legend of the Four Dragons Sword" on Amazon this fall in paperback & Kindle edition from Lucky Buzzard LLC and Black Belt author Phillip Allen Humphries. This fast paced SyFy thriller highlights Asian martial arts and features a predominantly Asian cast of main characters. Watch for the promo ads in Black Belt, TaeKwonDo Times and Kung Fu-Tai Chi magazines. The author, a mixed kempo black belt, is a personal Nanquan student of international Wushu luminary Lu Xiaolin and holds Dan rank under Oakland School Jeet Kune Do legend Gary Dill. Available in paperback & Kindle edition this fall on Follow the author Phillip Humphries and Lucky Buzzard LLC on Facebook and on Twitter @phil, @luckybuzzardllc and @4_dragons.